Our Clients

  ReHealthier business model is B2B2C, while the Showcase App is available (iOS/Android).    
The goal of ReHealthier is to strengthen health and well-being through active engagement and motivating users riding on artificial intelligence analytic technology
and health behavioural science.

Health Insurers

Wellness Service Providers   

  • ReHealthier is deployed for providers’ clients.
  • ReHealthier improves the loyalty of clients by engaging the clients through ReHealthier gamification and intelligence health chat platform.
  • ReHealthier AI platform decides which clients required further checkups or health solutions from their health data (bio/psych/soc) collected.
  • ReHealthier is implemented for the design of their medical Insurance clients’ journey.
  • ReHealthier aims to improve the health of clients and to reduce the medical claims.
  • Besides, more personalised insights of the clients can be obtained through ReHealthier social context platform, to facilitate insurers recommendations for the suitable insurance plan to a particular group of users

Corporate Wellness

  • ReHealthier health gamification platform facilitates staff engagement programs organised by corporate HR and management.
  • Health Chat platform is deployed as a health friend for staffs, so as to increase their self-efficacy of health.
  • Staff productivity and morale are raised.
Corporate Wellness Flyer | pdf