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​​ReHealthier is a Personalized Healthy Eating Analytic Platform.

ReHealthier establishes the world-largest knowledgebase of nutrition diagnosis and food nutrients that are applied to correlate users' chronic health to their eating habits. 

ReHealthier health prediction models and AI algorithms analyse and monitor users’ subtle change of health so as to discover the most effective personalized healthy eating suggestions for the avoidance of chronic or pre-chronic conditions.

Who Benefits?


Health Tech

HealthCare Providers & Insurers

 ReHealthier provides personalized health recommendation to avoid chronic diseases 
ReHealthier healthy eating management functions can  be integrated into their health solutions
ReHealthier developed knowledgebase and analytics algorithms can improve  their health promotion effectiveness

2000+  Food Nutrients Database

ReHealthier is having the strongest food database in the region and is providing real-time nutrient information for user decision before ordering meals.

EatRite - your Portable Nutritionist (iOS/Andriod)

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Chronic Risk  Cal'tor Chatbot

Estimate your Cardiovascular Risk, Heart Age and Diabetes Risk with ReHealthier machine learning algorithms.
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Protecting User Privacy is our Top Priority

Personal information of our premium users is encrypted and protected as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Only aggregated results and derived algorithms are used to enhance ReHealthier analytic capabilities that in turn help us to generate even more effective advice back to users.

Our Offerings​​

Apart from being a personalized healthy eating recommendation platform, ReHealthier aggregates eating habits of millions of users, how those habits are affecting their long-term health as well as the interlinkages between them.
Using API or SDK integrations, partners can purchase and use ReHealthier’s immense knowledge-base of food nutrients, and health trigger to improve their own products and services.
ReHealthier interactive UI to log food intakes and seamlessly import data from health devices, to discover nutrition traps and to provide real-time personalized eating advice.
Companies in the health and food industries would use ReHealthier aggregated report as valuable information to shape their products and marketing strategies. 
Companies can drive their healthy diet promotion programs more effectively in order to reduce medical claims by using ReHealthier collated analysis and derived AI algorithms.
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